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Laser cutting copper sheet metal

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Laser cutting copper sheet with a fibre laser machine

Laser cut copper sheet metal

Laser cutting copper sheet metal has always been a problem for conventional CO2 laser cutting machines. With a fibre laser cutter this isn’t a problem and we have just the machine to deal with copper and brass up to 6mm thick. Our Trumpf 3030 3KW fibre laser is more than able to cut straight through thin copper sheet such as this flower. For this sheet metal project our customer needed a quick turn around. We quoted for the work, programmed it, laser cut it and sent it out in 2 days, more than meeting our customer’s expectations. The “flower” was a blank for some jewellery project and we defined the shape in Radan sheet metal software and fed a drawing back to our customer to match her simple hand sketch and verbal instructions. Now we have the design on our system server we can produce the copper “flower” again and again without any variance from batch to batch.

Perhaps you have a sheet metal manufacturing project which needs making from copper or brass sheet and haven’t been able to get it laser cut up to now, please give us a call on 01489 577786 and we will be happy to talk through your options and how we can save you money with our fibre laser cutting system.

CNC punching sheet metal circles

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Producing circles in sheet metal is easy with a Trumpf CNC punch press

CNC punched sheet metal circles

Sheet metal circles

Yes we can produce circles, semi-circles, rings and large holes in sheet metal components with our fibre laser cutter. Sometimes it suits us to us one of our Trumpf CNC punch presses to produce the sheet metal circles. Using a CNC punching technique along with radii tools called “banana” tools the circles can be produce with just a few hits. Using these special tools enables us to produce parts with very few hits, saying time and money and also reducing the cleaning up time as a secondary operation.

This view shows just how easy it is to layout a sheet of circular components using Radan sheet metal programming software. The components can be laid out to produce the maximum number of parts per sheet and even punching between the machine clamps on the sheet.

Perhaps you have a sheet metal project that needs a large circular cut-out or a disc / ring as show here. Please give us a call and we will be happy to see what we can to do to either CNC punch or laser cut the shapes you want in either ferrous or non-ferrous material in a range of thicknesses.

Sheet metal bushes

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Sheet metal panels with knockouts and bushes

Sheet metal panels with knockouts and bushes

Sheet metal bushes inserted in mild steel panels

Here I have found a large mild steel panel with electrical conduit knock outs pressed in by a CNC punch press and bushes being pressed in on a fly-press. We have used a fly-press in this instance to insert the bushes because the panels were quite large and the bushes were M10 which was just too big for our Haeger bush inserter to cope with.

If you are looking for any sheet metal panels with hank bushes inserted please give us a call or send over your drawings and we will be happy to advise you on bush styles and produce some prices for you.

Precision CNC Laser Cutting Company

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Precision CNC Laser Cutting Company

Fast Tube by Casper

V and F Sheet Metal’s precision laser cutting machine provides our customers a fast, accurate and economical option for ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal cutting. When combined with our CNC punching facilities here in Fareham, Hampshire we offer a great all round sheet metal blank production service.

The benefits of using our Trumpf 3KW fibre laser cutter is its flexibility when it comes to material choice. From 0.3mm tin plated mild steel, to 20mm thick mild steel, 15mm stainless steel a range of aluminium alloys and being a fibre laser brass and copper up to 6mm thick are no problem. Fibre laser cutters are very accurate and incredible fast for thin gauges but even 4mm stainless steel as shown in this video is not slow. With the ability to laser cut any shape without the need for special tooling and a great edge finish the Trumpf 3030 fibre really is the machine to use for sub-contract sheet metal work. With a 3M x 1.5M bed and auto-change pallets we can process large sheets for economic material yield or small parts of sheets where needed.

From small batches of the simplest parts to large volumes of complex shapes we can handle your laser cutting requirements.

Laser cutting sheet metal with a fibre laser cutter

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Laser cutting 1.2mm Zintec with a Trumpf 3030 fibre laser

Fast Tube by Casper

Classic example of a thin sheet metal component being laser cut on our Trumpf 3030 fibre laser cutter from a 2M x 1M full sheet. The laser cutter is using compressed air from a dedicated supply as the assist gas to blow away the molten metal melted by the 3KW laser beam. With this material and gauge you can see just how fast the laser machine can cut and yet still produce a really clean edge that requires no edge de-burring as a secondary operation.

Laser cut metal sheet

Laser cut metal sheet

Here’s the finished sheet of laser cut parts (the nest) with one removed to see how clean the cut is. The laser beam width being less that 0.5mm wide enables the components to be cut close together and features cut with virtually no material waste.

Looking to have some sheet metal work laser cut then please give us a call on 01489 577786 or send over your drawings to