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Laser cutting sheet metal light fittings

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Laser cutting sheet metal light fitting gear trays

I always like it when a laser cutting or CNC punching nest completely fills a sheet of metal. This laser cutting nest of 0.7mm zintec lighting gear trays was just such a job. Being able to get the most from a sheet of metal helps to keep the costs down for our customers and speeds up production with less handling time. The middle image above shows this really well and the other two detail some of the features that were so easily laser cut. After several small batches of samples and development work this was the first production batch of 100 parts. If the volumes increase to many hundreds per batch then I may well look to move this job to one of our Trumpf CNC punch presses to increase the speed that the holes are processed but at the moment the Trumpf fibre laser is perfect for this job. Being able to move jobs between different production methods is a useful way of saving our customers money and time when a particular machine is busy.

If you have a sheet metal project that needs to be laser cut or CNC punched please give us a call on 01489 577786 or send us an e-mail with your drawings to

Sheet metal components in April 2016

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Sheet metal components

Sheet metal components

Here we are at the end of April and here’s another couple of sheet metal components that we have made this month. They are typical of the sheet metal components we make on a daily basis for our UK and European customers and they were each made in batches of several hundred. The components have been CNC punched and bent up from zintec coated mild steel sheet metal. If you click on the image you can see 3 holes in the middle of the component that have a plunged form and are used with self tapping screws. We have the tooling for M3, M4 and M5 as standard in our Trumpf CNC punch presses. Once we had finished them they were used to hold control gear for industrial light fittings and were just left self colour zintec as this was good enough for the warm dry environment into which they were going.

Sheet metal brackets

Sheet metal brackets

These brackets were laser cut and then CNC folded on one of our CNC press brakes. They were also made from zintec sheet metal and are used by a pump control company to hold a pumping system in place where beer is pumped from the kegs to the bar in public house cellars.

For more information on sheet metal components and how we go about making them take a look at our web page “What is sheet metal and how is it made”

Rolled mild steel sheet metal rings

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Rolling mild steel rings

Rolling mild steel rings

A simple rolled mild steel ring for a light fitting manufactured from 0.9mm thick material. This simple component has been CNC punched from sheet metal, rolled into a ring and then stitch welded at the joints to produce a circular band. Once the bands were all welded together they were then welded to a perforated disc to produce a vented top panel for a high bay light fitting. If you look carefully at the picture you can see small tabs on the edges of the rings which have been designed to engage in slots on the perforated rings to speed up welding alignment. You will see this technique again and again in our blog posts as it’s such a powerful way of ensuring accuracy in welding and speeding up production rates without costing a lot of money.

Perhaps you have a sheet metal projects that is welded together from several parts and this technique could save time and money. We are always keen to help you and would be happy to take a look at your design and see if we can save you money. Please call us on 01489 577786 or send your designs to

Folding sheet metal housings

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Folding sheet metal housings from 0.9mm mild steel sheet metal

Our Safan e-Brake CNC press brake is more than capable of folding sheet metal work up to 3M long and with 100 tons of electric motive force you can see that these sheet metal housings were no problem. With each sheet metal housing having 8 full 90 degree bends to complete the enclosure to hold the electrical components for an emergency exit light. The order was for 500 housings and the blanks were produced on our Trumpf 200 CNC punch press to ensure they were precise and would produce an accurate component throughout the batch. The Safan e-Brake is fast, very quiet to operate and easy to program, making it the perfect machine for light sheet metal work batch production such as this.

Sheet metal housings such as these are our bread and butter and we are often found manufacturing sheet metal housings from special projects to repeating batches of 25 and 50 up to 500 like this and beyond when needed. Have a sheet metal housing and need a price, please don’t hesitate our engineering team and we will be happy to help you.

Sheet metal work produced in Hampshire, UK

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Sheet metal work produced in Hampshire, UK

Here’s a small cross section of sheet metal work that we have produced in February 2016. Having such a wide range of customers in many different industry sectors allows us to gain a vast range of experience in manufacturing in different materials, thicknesses and sizes. From small clips and bent angles, painted front panels, anodised rear panels, zinc plated brackets, zintec folded sections, welded sheet metal fabricated assemblies we can deal with it for you here in our manufacturing site at Fareham, Hampshire.

What is sheet metal work and how is it made?, take a look at the link and we fully explain how we go about manufacturing your sheet metal work in a modern CNC controlled environment.

Looking for a new sheet metal worker based in Hampshire, UK, give V and F Sheet Metal a try and we will be happy to help you develop your ideas and produce the products you need at the right price. Call us on 01489 577786 of send your drawings to