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G-Coder CAD/CAM software

Simple CAD/CAM software for CNC programming sheet metal components

To program our Trumpf 200R and Trumpf 3000R CNC punch presses we use Radan software.  This software is very powerful enabling use to take full advantage of all the features that the Trumpf punch presses offer us when manufacturing your sheet metal work.  We do however have a simpler machine the Titan that still has a use in our busy workshop in Hampshire and this is CNC programmed with Cambridge Numerical’s G-Coder Professional CAD/CAM software.

G-Coder Professional software is ideal for the simpler sheet metal projects that we manufacture on our Titan CNC punch press.  It may be producing production jigs to aid welding fabrications, punching ventilation or connector holes in aluminium extrusions or punching holes in heavy gauge plates.  The software comes into its own on these sort of parts as it’s quick and easy to use.

You will see on many pages throughout this website that V and F Sheet Metal often have several options in manufacturing your sheet metal work when in production.  This gives us the flexibility to pick the best production method for you to keep your prices down and find the easiest way to produce your sheet metal parts cleanly and without delay.



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