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CNC Bending sheet metal


CNC Bending sheet metal work with CNC press brakes

In this gallery of sheet metal component images we have illustrated below just a small selection of the bespoke sheet metal work produced in our workshops in Fareham, Hampshire, UK by CNC bending processes on our 6 CNC press brakes. The parts include CNC bending sheet metal materials including stainless steel, mild steel, Zintec and aluminium alloys in thicknesses from 0.7 to 3.0mm.

You can see a range of examples of sheet metal work that has been produced by the CNC bending process. Some components are simply formed by 1 or 2 bends at 90 degrees whereas others are manufactured by a series of bends leading to a more complex final sheet metal component. There are some sheet metal parts that have joggles and are spot welded together to form sheet metal fabrications where a single component could not be used to satisfy the customers final design requirements.

You can see that simply by changing the bend angles and the number of bends complex sheet metal components can be produced with standard CNC bend tooling. This has the advantage of offering you a bending service with no special tooling costs as we have such a large range of standard CNC bend tooling.

For more information on the range of sheet metal work that we can CNC bend our CNC press brakes in Fareham, Hampshire, please take a look at our Edwards Pearson CNC press brake, Trumpf 7036 CNC press brake and Guilfil CNC press brake web pages.

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