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CNC bending sheet metal brackets

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

CNC bending brackets on a Trumpf 7036

CNC bending brackets on a Trumpf 7036

Small aluminium brackets being bent on a Trumpf 7036 CNC press brake

It still amazes me how many different types of bracket we manufacture here at V and F Sheet Metal. I’ve just walked past our 2 Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes this morning and spotted these 2 brackets being bent up, both in aluminium. The bracket on the left is a simple 1 bend angle bracket that was programmed, set up with the tooling shown and started within minutes. It’s used in the electronic industry to mount a PCB within a chassis. The bracket on the right is a more complex bracket with several bends and flaps folded back down on themselves to form safe edges. These brackets are used within a product for holding a filter glass in place in a fibre optic light fitting.

Both brackets show how flexible the Trumpf 7036 is and how flexible we have to be everyday in producing different parts again and again for our customers from sample 1 off’s to higher volume batches of many thousands off. The brackets may be thin gauge parts like those shown here or 10mm thick mild steel of 8mm stainless steel. We have to turn our hand to everything that our customers ask of us and if we cannot do it in house we always have a contact that can so we can offer the complete service for our customers.

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